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These prayers were first prayed by Rev. Pamela Short for the People of Prayer of the Tontogany Presbyterian Church.

Each Sunday we offer prayers for our church, our community and our world. 

You will find links to the prayers below. 

Please feel free to pray these prayers inserting the names of your own people and concerns.

God of Life
In the beginning you spoke and light appeared.
You called and the earth sprouted with life
You created humans to till the earth and keep it
Tonight we give thanks for the farmers of the fields
We don’t know their names,
but we taste the goodness of their labors
Tonight we give thanks for the nets of the fishermen
We don’t touch their hands,
But we taste the flavors of their catch
Tonight we give thanks for the truckers
We can’t see their faces,
but we open our eyes to the faithfulness of their miles
Tonight we give thanks for the grocers
We do not sit and eat with them,
but we receive upon our table the work of their hands
Tonight we give thanks for one another
We know, we see, we sit, we eat,
and with you we rejoice in all your abundant gifts
as we sing together…
Praise God from whom all blessings flow…