Tontogany Presbyterian Church

18740 Main Street

Tontogany, Ohio 43565

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Margy DeLuca, clerk of session


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These prayers were first prayed by Rev. Pamela Short for the People of Prayer of the Tontogany Presbyterian Church.

Each Sunday we offer prayers for our church, our community and our world. 

You will find links to the prayers below. 

Please feel free to pray these prayers inserting the names of your own people and concerns.

Holy is our GOD
Your Holiness
is in the highest heaven & in the deepest earth
Your Holiness
sweeps across the sky & sits on the tiniest bud
Your Holiness
is as fearsome as a blazing fire & as restoring as the fresh morning dew
Your Holiness
is as odd as a monk in a bull market & 
as common as a child at play

From Your Holiness
We gain LIFE
We receive REST
We touch JOY
O GOD make us whole
Make us holy
And make us wholly yours.

A prayer prepared by Rev. Pamela Graf Short