Tontogany Presbyterian Church

18740 Main Street

Tontogany, Ohio 43565

Pastor's Phone 419-806-4326

office hours by appointment

Church Phone: 419-823-7591
Email Address:
18740 Main St., P.O. Box 126
Tontogany, Ohio 43565

We support the Otsego Food Pantry.
If you are in need of assistance, you are invited to call:


Rev. Pamela Short
Phone: 419-806-4326
Email Address:

Sorry!  No regular office hours. 

Feel free to call Pamela Short for an appointment.

Pamela comes from a farm family in Fulton County, Ohio. She had the privilege of practicing nursing for 25 years and teaching World Religions for 10 years. Pamela was raised in the Evangelical Mennonite tradition and graduated from the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in 2004. She migrated to the Presbyterians in 2011 and finds her community of faith in Tontogany to be welcoming and encouraging. "I am continually challanged by the People of Prayer at Tontogany to grow into a deeper life of communication with God."

Pamela seeks to ground her preaching in the Scriptures. "My understanding of a sermon is that the preacher is retelling God's story of love for all. When after study and pondering, I am still left with a blank page, the Holy Spirit reminds me, 'Just tell the story'".

Elders serve on what Presbies call "The Session".

The Session is responsible for varied and sundry ministries within the church.
Feel free to contact our Session Elders to learn more about our community of faith:

Margy DeLuca, clerk of Session,

Judy Robinson, 

Donna Lambert, 

Lee Seeger,

Louie Pauff,

Anne Moser,

Patti Wires,