Tontogany Presbyterian Church
© Tontogany Presbyterian Church
​​In Tontogany Presbyterian
We gather in the name of Jesus Christ. 
​We are a community drawn together
       ​in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  ​
​We seek to support one another in the struggles of life. 
​We pray for our small town and our schools,
       ​our neighbors and our world.  ​
​It has not been our experience that God spares us
​       from trouble, but rather that we have a God who enters  
       ​into our suffering and who hears our prayers.

18740 Main St.
Tontogany, Ohio 43565
​phone number: 419.823.7591

We celebrate the Sacraments of
​The LORD's Supper

​​​Our church sits in the small town of Tontogany Ohio

​​​​​​​Tontogany is a part of the Otsego School District​​​
Several of our people use their artistic gifts in worship and service to God​.
We believe that all people are made in the image and likeness of God.  ​People of all ethnicities and any sexual orientations are welcome blessings to our fellowship.